6 Essential tips for decorating any space.

We’ve all been there, found a photo on Pinterest or Instagram, tried to replicate the look ourselves, but it just doesn’t look the same, and it doesn’t work for your space. Well, here are the things you need to consider after taking inspiration from one of those images, whether its a quick refresh your after or a complete overhaul, these 5 tips are your ticket to success.


Start with a theme


Before you start, you need to pick a theme, this may be a product you’ve fallen in love with and are going to work into he space, an image you’ve found for inspiration or it may be something existing that you want to work around. 

We are in the throws of redecorating Poppy’s nursery, turning it into a toddlers room. Her room was originally decorated before we she arrived, when we were both convinced she was a boy and before we knew what a big personality she would have.

So now we want a room that will last her a good four or so years, until we move her into a bigger room.  I’ve know the theme for her room since I decided I wanted to supply Nobodinoz products in the shop, its our balloon bean bag in blue secrets/misty pink. (I know I really am not a fan of pink, but it was love at first sight when I saw this print!)

So pick your theme and then get started planning the rest following these essential tips!  



Pick your colours, don’t forget about woodwork and ceilings too, these don’t have to be white, you can make them disappear with the right tone, or make a feature with a contrast. When choosing samples, get yourself a roll of lining paper, this will last you forever, paint your samples onto this, firstly the neutral background won’t affect the colour you are sampling and secondly you can then move the samples around the room to see the colour as a whole, don’t forget to check the colour at different times of day, morning light is very different to evening light, as are natural and artificial light.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to paint Poppy’s room again (by we, I mean I’ve decided to repaint, Ed has decided he is going to strike as he only painted the whole of upstairs 20 months ago, after we had lots of work done.) I want it lighter, brighter and as a fun space she can play in too. Being realistic we also want to use her room to showcase some of our amazing products and brands, so it needs to photograph well and bounce light around as it is a very small space.

Remember, be bold, your home is your style, not anyone else’s, as long as you love it then its not wrong! 



Always start with the essentials you need and then work from there, see what space you have, and as an easy tip, if you have a small space then furniture on legs is great, you still see the floor space then and this gives an illusion of space. Completely going against this advice, we’ve chosen a floor bed for Poppy as it will double up as a play area within her room, its a great style for encouraging imaginative play.

So, we need a bed for Poppy, we’ve stuck with a toddler sized bed as it is the box room in the house (sorry Pops, but I need the bigger room for the office and stock room), we chose a house frame bed from ChildHome, and it looks fantastic. 

There is also the slope for the stairs in her room, so we had a bespoke cupboard built over it when the work was done, it has some hidden book storage in it too, we are also keeping her ceiling mounted clothes rail, again not taking up any floor space, but we need some drawers for her. 



What do you need to store in the room, what needs to be easily accessible, consider all this before picking the storage furniture you need. Then think about baskets, pots and other forms of storage, how they become part of the decor and help to dress the room.

In Poppy’s room we need a tall boy set of drawers, we also need a laundry basket, somewhere for all her shoes, and some toy storage too.



How is the room used? Do you need good task lighting? You may be changing your lighting too, if you are then consider putting lights on different circuits, you don’t always want them all on or off. Can the be dimmable, don’t forget about feature lights, side lights and accents.

Poppy’s room as 2 spot lights, these were supposed to be on a dimmer switch, but in my pregnancy brain, and not having done a proper plan for our new lighting, we forgot to put the dimmer switch in. (Another job for the lust, change the switch.) That’s ok for us as I know the light units put in are dimmable, you will need to check that yours are too.

As the room is small the only other lighting she needs is night light, something soft but that allows us to see a book, story time is important here. We have a gorgeous lamp called Joesph in the shop, he is a little bunny that can sit on any surface, his head swivels to suit where he has been sat, Poppy will be having one of these. We will also get some Cotton Ball Light Company lights to wind around the head end of the bed frame.



What is the flooring like in the space, is it hard floor, or carpeted, does the sound echo around the room (if it does you need more soft furnishings), curtains or blinds, you can also opt for shutters, remember these look great but you may still want a way to soften the windows. Cushions, blankets and throws all add to the soft furnishings, they are a great way to add a splash of colour, or tie your theme. Don’t be afraid to layer up textures, colours and patterns to add depth and warmth.

We have wood and laminate floor throughout our house, so we use rugs to soften the space, we went for a gorgeous soft oak for the stairs and all of upstairs when we renovated the space. The colour is amazing in every room and its so easy to clean, which for asthma and dust allergies is perfect. It also means we need to warm the space up with fluffy rugs and warm curtains and blinds. Poppy’s room as two external walls so gets cold in winter in the night, we are having a made to rug (from carpet) so that most of her floor space is covered, we’ll also have a sheepskin in there as Pop’s is very tactile and is always sneaking into the office to stoke them, layering the rugs will give her somewhere soft to play and help warm the room up too. Her blind at their moment is a beautiful think woven wool, its insulated too which helps to give it a thick luxurious look too, adding cushions around her bed will again bring in the theme and give her a cosy corner to play in. We will use the bedding to bring it all together, I am so excited about this, as it is part of the new range from one of our brands and well, its flipping gorgeous!



This is everything else, prints and posters for the walls, trinkets and decor for on shelves and surfaces, toys can be a great way to decorate a rooms as well. Garlands, photos and so much more. This is where you really make the space your own, add some personality and make it personal as well, let it shout about the people using the space.

I’m yet to decide on the decor for the walls for Poppy’s room, I know we will have some of the prints we sell, because this little fire cracker inspired so many of them, we also want to showcase some other small brands that we love.


If you follow this blueprint, you will be able to redecorate with ease, or even apply them to existing space to bring the whole appearance together. And if you need any more ideas or help, follow us on instagram @popandpunch on tips, tricks and gorgeous children’s decor and accessories, we are also ways happy to help!


Happy decorating