Our Story

I am a mum, I am an interior design, a small business owner, but today, first and foremost I am Poppy’s mum. There was a time when I never thought that would be my life, but now it is and I’m so proud that I can say that.

To understand, let me start from the beginning.

I spent my 20s being told I wouldn’t conceive, if by some miracle I did, then I wouldn’t carry to term. I was told repeatedly my body wasn’t capable, but that was OK to me, I was young, family was far from my mind and besides, I had always said from a young age that I wanted to adopt. Then along came Mr Pop & Punch and that all changed, and now we have this incredible little girl, there is a lot that happened in between meeting Ed and having Poppy. We went on adventures, made plans to travel, work and enjoy sometime before trying to adopt. I was competing in Power-lifting (yes a random sport, but I loved it), between training, diet and a last ditch attempt to reduce my pain, we somehow got Poppy. Something that I never quite believed until she was here and we were tentatively leaving the hospital wondering why they would just let us leave and not make sure we knew what we were doing! It wasn’t plain sailing, I say yes lets have another, Ed says HELL NO, he cannot possible go through another pregnancy, but considering that he is a complete baby thief and is usually found cuddling babies at any gathering, I think i'll be able to persuade him. 

So here we are with this tenacious, strong willed, stubborn and bubbly little girl, who quite honestly rules this house with an iron fist! 

All this made me changed my priorities though, I suddenly no longer wanted to return to a job where I was commuting for 3 hours a day, was away from home for 13 hours a day, and was always working on my days off anyway. It was time to get some balance back, I was not going to miss 5 bedtimes a night, only have 1 day a week with all of us together. Don’t get me wrong, I know that works for some people, but it wasn’t the life we wanted for our family. 

I had this nagging in my mind, that it was finally time have my dream shop, a destination for interiors, with a little coffee shop where people can stop and have a break between choosing fabrics for their curtains, pulling schemes together and to chat in. I realised that over time this shop had changed in my mind, I felt that community of the coffee shop I sought, I had in fact found through groups and social media, friends in those squares who supported, encouraged and empowered. I no longer left I needed a physical premises, It was going to be online. 

I am lucky, Ed has skill set that means between the two of us the day to day work, website, advertising, buying and selling was covered. We had the idea and developed it over time, we spent our evenings chatting plans, researching, asking questions and making decisions. The name was something I deliberated over for a while, for fear it sounded like a drinks company, but it has stuck to us like glue, and so it was registered! We were going to do this! Our plan is to be a one stop shop for children’s interiors, a destination still, for children’s and teens decor and accessories. Where you can buy products that stand the test of time, are versatile to work in a nursery through to a teen room and to also champion some small brands as well. 

We now stock major international children’s lifestyle brands, as well as working with small independent makers to produce exclusive prints and products just for us to stock. Though our prints by Sunshine for Breakfast, we want to teach children to love themselves, be empowered to conquer the world and remind them that they are brave and capable. 

The shop launched in Mid August, for now we started with just 5 brands, in the 6 months we've been live we've expanded to offer newborn gifts, toys for toddlers, furniture and so much more. We have an exciting year planned in 2019, and to keep offering more exciting brands and products to make your life easier and more beautiful.  Offering inspiration boards, room plans and so much more, this year is the year we will grow and expand more and more. 

For now, this is the beginning of our story, we plan to grow, expand and branch out, we want you to be a part of our story too, with so many gorgeous products to buy, why not start updating your children’s space now? 

Have fun planning