Our Top picks for packing with you on family holiday, to help keep those little minds and hands occupied on your journey.

To help you get packing (and, let’s face it, starting is often the hardest bit!) you could use our lovely animal string bags, perfect for keeping everything in and they come in different designs so each child can have their own little pal to be in charge of on your journey. We always fill ours with:

  • Magic painting – obviously we have the dinosaurs and mermaids! Poppy can’t decide between the two so they often both find their way into her bag. They, also, do really lovely sticker books which can be a life saver if you’re going anywhere long haul and need something mess-free and that they can zone out with. (We get ours from Gennanory)

  • This genius water brush pen is great for having water on the go. If you get delayed or stuck somewhere, they can simply draw all over the cobbles / pavement / walls quite safely and it really can help to boost their creativity. We always have this in the changing bag, too, for times of distraction!
  • A mermaid doll from our gorgeous new Fabelab collection, to encourage some imaginative play and a book to tie in with the character we choose. A brilliant tip for travelling on a plane is to wrap them up (tin foil is brilliant for this) and save them for when boredom kicks in. You could set a timer on your phone to go off every 20 minutes or so and they unwrap their next surprise. Create a scene from their favourite book and then the last ‘surprise’ that they unwrap is the book itself. Endless possibilities with these beautiful soft toys.

  • Coin purse for their holiday spends (Poppy’s fave is the unicorn at the moment... although she’s less keen on actually spending its contents and prefers to empty my purse for that...!)
  • A muzzy blanket for comfort for us, as well as being perfect for cleaning up those inevitable spills, to help their dolly to have a sleep and they’re, also, ideal for creating a bit of shade, too).

  • Stickers from hey there stickers. Borne out of the desire to allow kids and their families more time for creating and making, these gorgeous stickers are ideal for popping into travel bags to keep young minds busy on long, tedious journeys. The number and letter packs are great for a bit of fun learning, too. Not forgetting the notepad and led is essential for all the notes they make about their parents!!
Hopefully that has given you some inspiration for keeping your little ones happy on your summer journeys and provides some help for the dreaded packing. Keep the long sunny days and cold drinks in mind and remember to share your snaps with us over on social media! We love to see where you’re taking your purchases and the adventures that they take your children on.

Happy holidays!

Pop & Punch x