Picking that perfect paint colour for any kid's bedroom or playroom.

Whilst we are told it’s only paint, it is the most cost effective way to transform a room. It can also be a complete waste of money, time and environmental resources if you get it wrong; something that is super easy to do. The last thing I would suggest is picking a paint colour off the shelf and thinking “that’ll be alright!” because it probably won’t be right.

No more decorating regrets: how to avoid colour mistakes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep banging on about it; LIGHT!!! Light needs to be a major consideration when picking the right shade for any space. Colour looks completely different in a big space. Get testers, try them on the wall, move it around and see it at different times of day. Light changes throughout the day, so consider when the space is used the most and make sure the shade is right then. 

Toddler girls room wit dusty pinks and deep blues

Picking the right shade of white for Poppy’s room was easy, because I have studied how light moves across our house throughout the day, so I was 99% certain I had the right shade. However, I still got a tester just to be sure. I also knew what colours to use for the accent walls; again because I have tried different fabrics and furnishing out, I knew the colours would work together and that by using them how we have, they wouldn’t drain too much light from what is a small and dark room naturally. I knew I needed whites and pinks that had blue tones within them to balance the light there.

The effect is a huge success: a light and bright room, perfect for use all day, which is what happens here and that is still soft and inviting for bedtime.

Boys bedroom, sage green lower half with white above, simple and minimal scandi style.

A lick of paint for a child's room of dreams. 

However, paint - if done right - is the easiest way to keep up with changing trends, it’s, also, a really good way to update a room without changing the more expensive items. If you pick the right shade, it is also something that will stand the test of time, from transitioning from nursery to toddler room and through to pre-school and beyond. Keeping the big things simple means you can change the dressing and fripperies to change the look, making the paint a big constant that helps to balance the room.

Finding inspiration for your children's next bedroom makeover. 

The movement in Scandi interiors is going towards the more traditional beige's and creams from the cooler hues of grey (this blog Beige is the the new black is a fab source). While the style-it-dark side are moving towards greens, that look incredible with the dusky pinks or vivid turquoise. The pinks are here to stay, but have moved away from the millennial pinks to more dusky and dirt shades. These can be pretty timeless and are great for giving you the canvas to start from. For the perfect mix of green and pink, check out Sophie Robinson’s kitchen, I am in love! 

(Image from www.meetyourmood.com)

In our house we love dark interiors, some great inspiration has been from the fantastic Kate Watson-Smyth AKA Mad About The House, her blog is a great way to keep up with this year’s trends. 

Enjoy finding your right shade.



P.S. This blog from Hannah Trickett is my current happy place, coming from working with Bulthaup kitchens for several years before maternity leave, I have a huge passion for Carl Hansen, the timeless and classic furniture is definitely an investment, but one that is worth it!

Ironically I’m always lusting after House Lusts home too, the nursery of dreams for any little one!