Poppy's Room Update

With the Launch of Pop & Punch, we decided to redecorate Poppy's room, take it form a nursery that we planned before she was born, and that was created before we knew Pop's was a girl. We had turned her cot into a bed when she was 13 months, and then spent six months deliberating over if we should change her bed, I knew what kind of bed I wanted for her, and then finding the right one. Her room is very small, a sacrifice we made so that the company could have the bigger room to store stock in. One of the most exiting bits has been that we've tried and tested all this out now, even the house frame bed, and stock all these beautiful products now! A question I get asked a lot is about the light string on the bed frame, we used cotton ball lights, although upon can get kits from lots of suppliers, we went direct as you can pick your own colours, number of lights, string or loop, and it was very quick. 

Poppy's room has the head-space slope for he stairs in it, when we were working on the house, while I was pregnant, we decided to turn this into a cupboard for storing nappies, wet wipes, spare bedding and all those things you get in bulk for babies. We also incorporate book shelves into the side of it, creating hidden nooks. 

Hidden book shelves built into boxing

Her room before was a great unisex nursery, but we felt it didn't reflect her personality enough, and wanted to make it a lighter and brighter space for product photography too. 

Redecorating her room has been a slow project, painting it was done in November when Ed took a week off, and the rest has been done around the business and family life. We were also waiting for certain products we knew we were adding to the shop, brands we were expanding, new brands and ranges we were adding. We were using her room as a way to show how to bring lots of our products together. Its still a work in progress, we've bought rugs and returned them, I just haven't found the right one yet. It needs to be fluffy and cosy, a very specific size, and create warmth. Our sheepskins are perfect for layering up over cotton rugs, adding warmth and texture. Poppy has has a sheepskin since birth, and this one is a great comforter to her. 

Being warm is the most important, as Poppy's room has two external walls and in the winter the temperature drops drastically in the night. To counteract this we surround her bed in cushions and pillows, we have new ones coming to the shop soon that will tie in with the new bedding. I also was a certain vintage unit for her clothes, on hairpin legs, creating the illusion of space in a very small room, these are hard to come by in good condition near us, so the search continues, I'm considering building one from birch paced ply, and embellishing it to tie in with the room. 

The feature wall was done with sample pots, we picked a selection of The Little Green Company colours that just worked really well in her room. I would love to say we used the paint too, but er got it mixed up in Homebase, both the Loft White and the four tester pot colours we used. The power of frog tape is fantastic and we just put a few pencil marks on the wall and ran the tape between to create the pattern. I also painted from Ikea spice racks in the spades of pink and lilac to use as book display space, for the books we are reading most at the moment. 

Hanging space was a problem for us, we found the solution on Etsy, the big blank space behind the rail is still unfinished, I'm swaying between the wallpaper of dreams from Eleanor Bowmer for getting a mural done by Emotional Waterfall Art. The great thing about this space is that it will still work well when it is converted to an office, as soon as the stock is in warehouse fulfilment, Poppy's will move into the bigger room. 

We've decorated this space with plenty of beautiful products from the shop. Our confetti baskets from Rose In April are great for pyjamas, with the small one being perfect for socks. The Louis PomPom basket gives us a few toys in her room, she can play there happily for a short spell while I pack orders and respond to emails in the office. A big bean bag so Ed and I can get comfy for bedtime stories, although usually she shuts the book and tells us to go away so she can go to sleep. 

The bling is still the original one, going back to the warmth issue , this is a thick woven wool and really helps keep the heat in, so we decided to keep it and are trying to incorporate some of the colours in with the right rug. 

Our toy storage bags from Nobodinoz are great as laundry baskets too, they store lots and come in two sizes, also perfect for hiding all the plastic that we like to pretend we don't have. 

Gallery walls to add more of Poppy's personality, not just our prints but other small business that we have followed and loved, this seemed like the perfect place to add them in. 

We are yet to add hooks on the walls behind the door, but also in the feature wall, ideal for hanging a play and go bag, Pop's loves her wooden building blocks upstairs, so being able to pop them on a hook there would be perfect, and leaves space on the floor for a dolls house. The perfect 2nd birthday present for her.  

We are always happy to help you pull a room together, using my background in interior design, I love creating themes and mood boards. 

Enjoy decorating 

Laura X

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Walls - Loft White (Little Greene Co.)
Feature colours - Dorchester Pink, Deep and  Mid, Juniper Ash (Little Greene Co.) 
Blind - Jig Mint by Chalk Woven in Brighton. I cant seem to find the fabric though.