The 2020 Colour Trends to Keep your kids rooms up to date

Last year saw the increase in popularity of rich earthy tones, with sumptuous fabrics and lots and lots of layering of textures. Wild browns, beige, deep jungle greens and the end of the year saw baby blue creeping in. This year, we are seeing those colours derived from nature increasing, mixed with dirty pastel colours such as olive green, cardamom, saffron and the mix of these slightly softer, yet murky, pastel rainbows; creating a real rainbow of colour and texture. With Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 being classic blue - a clean, deep and bright tone – there is almost a conflict with the natural tones you will be seeing everywhere for interiors.

Children’s bedroom, pastel and earth tones, interior design, velvet, beanbag and rainbows

The natural materials are here to stay, too: lots of seagrass, wicker, bamboo and raw wood surfaces are still proving to be the most popular choices. It’s taking us back to the original rattan furniture of the 1970s, from the original brand that started in the 1920s - Kok Maison. Our new bamboo range from ChildHome fits right into this category, with mirrors, shelves, cribs, beds and clothes rails, it blends well with most children’s room styles, to help bring nature inside.


Some great ways of tying these colours together and adding them into your home, is through the accessories; having that one colour that, somehow, ties through your entire home. This could be pink: don’t think bright, think about those dirty, murky pastels coming through this year. It could be bedding, a throw, in art work or prints on the wall, maybe a table cloth or placemats in the kitchen or a few accessories, mixed in for good measure. Having one base colour throughout your home will help all your spaces flow together. On the same coin, use this technique to introduce some of the 2020 colours into your home, or just go big with a re-paint in time for spring!


You’ll see lots more of these colours coming through with our new ranges from Nobodinoz, Fabelab and some exciting new brands this year.

Here are a few colour combinations to inspire you on your updating journey.

2020 colour palettes 2020 interiors colour palettes

Happy Decorating!

L x