Top Toys to entertain your kids with at home

Well, these are strange times, there's no denying. First and foremost, I hope that you and your family are well and that you are managing to stay healthy and happy at this time of isolation and lockdown.

As a parent myself, I know only too well how tricky those long days of being stuck in the house can be and so I wanted to try and share the love with some recommendations of our Top Toys that can help to entertain your kids, whilst you are stuck at home.

I've chosen lots of creative toys and activities to encourage imaginative, lengthy (!) and independent play, in the hope that they spark interest and fun in little ones who may be finding it understandably tricky to stay inside at the moment:

- try a lunch time bath with our fab bath toys, maybe some disco lights from Amazon or a bath bomb (Nailmatic bath bombs are wonderful and have no nasties in for sensitive skin).

- colouring art class with the inspirational 'Yes You Can' colouring in print.

- creative play with building blocks - you could create challenges and add in a competition for older kids.

- role play with our fantastic range of dressing up sets. We've got the Doctor, Dentist, make up, Vet, cleaning, baby feeding and tool sets which provide hours of creative play opportunities.

- open their own cafe with tea set and wonky veg to encourage food appreciation and practice safe chopping skills.

- dress up role play with our new dragon wings and shield and sword set for young knights to host battles for some historical, fantasy play.

- working on motor skills and cognitive development with these beautiful beehives and balancing cactus, mini cactus tin and memory game tin.

- we have a fab range of lovely soft dolls  to be loved and new play purses in all shapes and sizes that make wonderful accessories.

- doll baskets and doll bedding offer your little ones the chance to look after their own little ones, which they'll love to do with this beautiful soft range.

Whatever you get up to whilst at home over the coming weeks, I hope that there's lots of play, lots of fun and lots of laughter in your home.

Stay well,

Laura x