Lorena Canals Pom Pom Tye-Dye Garland, 4 colours

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Cotton garlands are the perfect accessory for decorating any part of the home: living room, corridors, entrance hall, children's bedrooms, garden, patio, etc. The Pom Pom garland from Lorena Canals consists of a cord made of natural cotton, with eight giant tassels, each hand-sewn to the cord.

The pom poms are individually dyed with the Tie-Dye craft technique, in cheerful and vibrant hues, and also in more vintage and subtle tones, always with a Tie-Dye effect. 

Available in three colours, tye-dey yellow, tye-dye wood rose, tye-dye vintage blue and tye-dye green  

A handmade and a carefully designed product, each piece is unique, which is why there may be small variations in colour and shape.


Product Description 

Materials: 100% cotton
Size: 1.7 meters, tassles 13cm 
Do not wash in the washing machine, to remove stains, we recommend to use lukewarm water and a gentle soap. If you find a long thread, cut it with scissors. Never pull it.



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