Mel Porter USB Tinsel Light String in all colours


Create a magical Christmas atmosphere with our tinsel light string, great for decorating a shelf or mantelpiece for Christmas and comes in a choice of gold, silver, kaleidoscope and red tinsel.

The tinsel fairy lights come in a Kraft box that’s 100% recycled, so they are perfect to gift someone a little sparkle to cheer them up this year. 

The lights are on a USB cord, and come without a plug (we usually have lots of spare USB plugs in our homes now, this is an effort to reduce out electrical waste). The 5m length USB has a dot on/off button. 

Product Description  

Materials: tinsel woven with led lights, on USB cord  
Size:  approx 5 m  


About the brand  

Melanie Porter is a creator and maker extraordinaire, I first came across her stunning knitted upholstery work a decade ago, with her incredible collection of hand-knitted chunk blankets, unique upholstery and memorable lights. The brand is all about bringing magical and fun lights to your home. 

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