Polar Bear Sail Boat Bath Toy

£10.00 £11.95

Bath toys made from wood? Who would have thought it? These beautiful, smooth and tactile bath toys are perfect for bath time play, and whats more, there is no way for those nasties to build up as they usually do in bath toys. Perfect for hours of fun and water play! 

Suitable for 12+ months 

Colour: teal boat with white polar bear 
Materials: planwood

Size: 8.8 x 12 x 10 cm 

Plan Toys are the original eco toy maker leading the way in sustainable manufacturing and quality wooden toys to stimulate young children. The aspect that drew us to Plan Toys was that they use rubber wood from trees that no longer produce latex and would otherwise be burnt, some toys are made from 'eco Plan Wood' which is made from another waste product, the roots of the rubber trees.  

This sustainable wood source is then kiln dried without the use of chemicals, glued together with Plan Toy's own e-zero formaldehyde free glue and dyed with water based dyes to create a wonderful selection of eco friendly wooden toys. Using waste products from production to fuel their factory, along with solar energy, keeping their impact on the environment as minimal as possible.