Pursuit Of Adventure Mega Turret


Hours of fun and imaginary play for your little one, lift the portcullis up and let their friends in. Build a fort in the garden, get cosy inside, take all your friends in with you and play lookout. 

The mega turret comes with the turret, portcullis and a pulley. 

Building the turret is great for helping your little ones to develop those all-important building, problem-solving. When playtime is over, undo the slots, stack all the pieces together and slide it under the sofa to store it until next time. 


Dimensions: H 121 x W 60 x D 60 cm 
Materials: Made from 12mm FSC birch ply, a natural, biodegradable material.
Care: Though weather-resistant, storing your playhouse undercover will keep it in great condition for longer. 

About The Brand 

The idea behind Pursuit of Adventure is to nurture the ethos of creativity and intrigue. Kids are naturally inclined to this hands-on exploration of the physical. Why don’t we make a child’s playhouse that can be formed as big or small as desired? Why can’t they build it themselves, without you having to ponder over fifty crinkled pages of an instruction manual that can’t quite be deciphered? Why should any of the family worry about where it’ll go?