Scribble Down, Knight School

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Scribble Down transfer packs make ideal presents, they are great for party bags or for long journeys - or just for fun!

Position the image on the fold-out background scene and rub it down using a ball point pen, pencil or coin. 

Product Description

Measures 30 x 21 cm.
1 A4 background card (folded in half)
1 A5 transfer sheet with backing paper
Suitable from 4y.

About the brand

Makii (derived from the verb ‘make’) was founded in 2013 by illustrators Idris van Heffen and Mielo Pouwer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. By bundling our talents we saw a great opportunity to create innovatory and creative products for kids.
After releasing our first giant colouring picture and Kristi Beugeling joining the team we grew very rapidly.